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The Grilled Cheeserie: Melting Up Nashville

The Grilled Cheeserie: Melting Up Nashville

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You know those people who scoff at grilled cheese being made at restaurants, right? "Geez, I can’t think of what’s more pathetic, the people who couldn’t think of a more original idea or the people who are so sad that they can’t even make their own grilled cheese sandwich — it’s the simplest thing to make in the world!" That all may or may not be true, but given the love that people have for grilled cheese sandwiches, and the success of so many across the country, you’d probably be well served to just offer the comeback, "If it’s all so easy, why don’t you go make a mint off it, too?" It’s likely to shut them up.

The truth is that there are some monster grilled cheese trucks doing some much beloved things across the country, and The Grilled Cheeserie in Nashville, Tenn., is one of them. Run by Los Angeles transplants Crystal De Luna-Bogan and her husband Joseph, The Grilled Cheeserie has been mopping up in Nashville with more than 14,000 Twitter followers and five specialty melts, among them a grilled pimento mac and cheese, a croque madame, and a harvest melt with triple cream Brie and pulled turkey. Luna-Bogan, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef also allows customers to make their own melts, with choices of seven cheeses and about 10 additions on the menu, from eggs and oven-roasted tomatoes to roast beef, shaved ham, or avocado aioli.

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Praise Cheeses! The Grilled Cheeserie's Brand-New Cafe Is Already an Essential Spot

Harvest Melt Photo: Daniel Meigs Since it started rolling in 2016, The Grilled Cheeserie has served as something of a positive symbol of the New Nashville dining scene, popping up in various stages over the years in media coverage of the restaurant scene’s evolution.

The Grilled Cheeserie was one of the very earliest food trucks to earn notice, and as the operation grew, it always seemed to deliver what people wanted — a cheesy, melty, satisfying sandwich, with a side of house-made soup and a dessert.

What’s remarkable about the business is how its owners — the husband-and-wife team of Crystal De Luna-Bogan and Joseph Bogan — slowly and steadily enhanced The Grilled Cheeserie, adding to its offerings and extending the upward arc of food quality and creativity.

“The idea was to take something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich, and blow people away,” explains Joseph Bogan. A couple years ago, the couple added a second food truck, and in early January, they opened an ambitious cafe in Hillsboro Village. (The trucks will also continue to operate.)

Why take the relatively risky step to bricks-and-mortar, given that the trucks have been doing so well for so many years? “We like to keep moving forward — at our own pace,” Joseph says.

The milkshake bar at The Grilled Cheeserie Photo: Daniel Meigs The couple say the brand-new cafe, inside the former Sunset Grill space, is the culmination of all their efforts, and their priorities: finding good, responsibly produced ingredients developing and executing excellent recipes and creating a fun, well-designed restaurant interior and ambience.

Even after only a month in business, it’s clear they’ve succeeded — The Grilled Cheeserie is a really good restaurant. On five visits, I’ve sampled almost everything on the menu, sandwiches, soups, salads, milkshakes and more. I’d say, easily, that as far as the fast-casual concept goes (that’s the model where patrons order at a counter but the food is prepared to order and brought to their table), The Grilled Cheeserie is about as perfect as a restaurant gets.

Before sharing details, it must be recognized that it’s hard to talk about The Grilled Cheeserie without addressing the question posed by skeptics: Why go to a grilled-cheese restaurant when anyone can make a delicious and serviceable version at home?

I’d say the answer is two-fold, given that the menu delivers both traditional grilled-cheese sandwiches and “specialty melts,” recipes where Crystal’s culinary imagination runs free.

As far as the simplest sandwich goes, I’d note a major advantage over your home kitchen is the variety of high-quality cheeses and breads The Grilled Cheeserie offers in the “make your own melt” section of the menu. Say you want to approximate the traditional prepackaged-slice-of-American-cheese on white bread. The Cheeserie’s version will cost you $5.50, but their American cheese is not the pasteurized-process-cheese-food of your childhood — rather it’s a specially commissioned cheese from Kenny’s Farmhouse in Kentucky. Their “Real American” cheese starts with a recipe for a Colby, but the cream content is doubled to make it extra gooey. And the white bread is special too it’s a country white sourdough from the excellent Silke’s Old World Breads in Clarksville. For me, that’s well worth a fiver and some change.

But you may find it hard to stop with a simple combo, given the lineup of toppings you can add. Proteins include organic pulled chicken, roasted free-range turkey, Benton’s country ham or a fried egg, ranging in price from $1 to $1.50. Other extras (costing $1 or less) include avocado, caramelized onions deglazed in Yazoo Sue beer, bleu cheese aioli, and more. For people with special diets, you can get vegan rice-milk cheese and/or gluten-free bread (the latter costs an extra dollar).

It’s the specialty melts, however, that really elevate the experience. The Harvest Melt ($8) is a colorful, flavorful, well-rounded melange of double-cream brie, roasted turkey, maple-roasted butternut squash and pumpkin-seed pesto on Silke’s multigrain.

If you’re a fan of spinach-artichoke dip, you’ll likely love the melt inspired by that classic. A Swiss-gruyere cheese blend melds with house-made Parmesan-spinach dip, along with sautéed leeks and garlic, served on rosemary garlic bread. I often add the pulled chicken to make it a heartier meal. (It’s $8, plus $1.25 for the chicken.)

The French Onion is like a sandwich encapsulation of everything that is great about every francophile’s favorite soup: Onions and shallots are braised in sherry and organic beef broth, topping a generous melt of the aforementioned Swiss and gruyere cheeses.

French onion soup makes me think of French bistros — the classic kind of casual-but-epicurean restaurant that every good food city needs. Surprisingly, The Grilled Cheeserie functions somewhat within the same useful niche as a French bistro. Even though ordering is at the counter, the seating consists of benches and high-tops, and the pace is bustling, The Grilled Cheeserie’s food quality and ease of service remind me of a good bistro.

As Crystal notes, The Grilled Cheeserie team makes nearly everything from scratch, including soups, salad dressings and sauces. (Joseph says rare exceptions include the frozen tater tots.)

“We’re running it like a sit-down restaurant,” Crystal says. “Our line cooks take a lot of pride.” As for getting the food out to the tables — “We’re expediting like Rolf & Daughters,” she adds, laughing.

The sides that complement the sandwiches help extend the menu far beyond quick-cheese basics. The traditional creamy tomato soup ($3) is made in house with country ham stock to add depth (there’s also a vegan version). I love the Hyper Fresh Greens ($4), featuring local lettuces with cherry tomatoes and thinly sliced jumbo radishes, topped with house-made ranch dressing and croutons cooked up in Benton’s bacon fat. It’s a salad that’s really satisfying — no mere concession to healthy asceticism. House-made sweet potato chips come with a zippy local goat cheese for dipping ($4).

The Hopscotch Photo: Daniel Meigs It’s all very comforting without any sort of dumbing-down of the quality of the cuisine, and the most soothingly wonderful items on the menu are the milkshakes. The ice cream is local (from East Nashville’s Pied Piper Creamery), and each shake is hand-scooped and blended to order.

It’s a labor-intensive process, and Joseph says (with a laugh) that other restaurant folks predict the couple will soon end up switching to soft-serve machines. But the reality, he says, is quite the opposite: The shakes have been so popular that they plan to double the size of the milkshake-making line. To my mind, the very best shake is The Hopscotch — vanilla ice cream blended with brown-butter caramelized banana chunks and heavenly house-made butterscotch sauce.

To be honest, I like The Grilled Cheeserie so much that my only concern is hoping that it never changes. I’ve been sadly disappointed over the years by restaurants with high aspirations and spectacular openings that eventually have to take quality down a notch due to financial pressures.

One hopeful sign is the team’s partnership with the restaurant group Fresh Hospitality. The company helped the couple land a prime location (Fresh owns the building and has a Juice Bar location there, with plans to open a Biscuit Love outpost on the site soon), and it provides sophisticated tools for monitoring financial operations. “It gives us a snapshot of the restaurant and exactly how it’s running,” Joseph says. That kind of detailed information is something small independent restaurants typically lack.

So my fingers are firmly crossed — while my hands are full of hot cheese sandwiches and cool butterscotch shakes.

Hyper Fresh Greens Photo: Daniel Meigs

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Fans of The Grilled Cheeserie will soon have a place they can go seven days a week.

Five and a half years ago husband and wife, Joseph Bogan and Crystal De Luna-Bogan, opened the food truck windows for the first time to a line.

“We were just overwhelmed with Nashville’s response to us,” Joseph told New 2.

The lines have never stopped, drawing everyone from kiddos to the adventurous foodies looking for their gooey, cheesy fix.

“The energy of this truck is just palpable when people are around it. I feel like it draws you in,” Crystal explained.

It’s not uncommon to see the founders behind the grill of the beloved truck.

Joseph grew up in Nashville but was living in Los Angeles. The couple decided to make the move to Music City with aspirations of starting a culinary business together.

“We thought of some things that we missed about Los Angeles and at the top of the list was food trucks. They didn’t really exist in Nashville in 2010,” Joseph explained. “It was a crap shoot. It was like, ‘Is this going to fly in Nashville? Is Nashville ready for it?'”

The couple’s love of cheese was one of the many ingredients that made the perfect recipe for success.

The Grilled Cheeserie now has two trucks that run with nine employees, and they are ready for the next level.

“For us, the next thing that made the most sense after two trucks would be a brick and mortar,” said Joseph.

Their melt shop will be one of the businesses taking over the old Sunset Grill location in Hillsboro Village.

“Hillsboro Village: It’s a staple it’s iconic to us.”

The restaurant will have counter service much like the trucks, but the menu will more than double, and they will also feature a milkshake bar.

“You know, it really falls in line with our brand and what we do and that whole nostalgic feel.”

Along with The Grilled Cheeserie, Biscuit Love which also started a food truck and the Juice Bar will be moving in to the Hillsboro Village location.

They plan to open the doors late Summer or early fall.

The couple told News 2 not to worry about the trucks they aren’t going anywhere.

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The food is insanely good.

Mary Beth Schatzman

The Grilled Cheeserie has something for almost every dietary need and culinary desire. The shop has vegan cheese and gluten-free bread, in addition to dozens of other toppings and sandwich fillings. On my first trip, I sampled the spinach artichoke grilled cheese and the roasted red pepper soup, but I'm very excited to try the pimento mac 'n' cheese grilled cheese and the harvest melt on my next visit. Every menu choice will be tough with such a great and extensive menu.

Grilled Cheeserie Hits the Streets!

Even though I’ll be stuffed like a turkey myself tomorrow, I’m still abnormally excited by the prospect of eating even more delicious food this weekend. No, not leftovers. This is something brand new.

The much anticipated new addition to Nashville’s mobile truck scene, The Grilled Cheeserie, is hitting the streets! As if the thought of a melty, buttery, gourmet grilled cheese sandwich wasn’t enough to get my taste buds tingling, I also see they’ll be serving fresh soups and tater tots! Check out the full menu for yourself here. “The Caliente” has my mouth watering… Queso fresco, jack, chorizo, avocado, pickled jalapenos, caramelized onions, on sourdough- yes please! And then there’s this week’s homemade pudding cup flavors – mexican chocolate and salted caramel. YUM.

For all the scoop on the owners, the concept, and the ingredients, check out this great write up from last week’s Nashville Scene.

What: The Grilled Cheeserie Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck

When: Friday, November 26th and Saturday, November 27th

Where: The Green Wagon, 1100 Forrest Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206

Those are the deets for this weekend, but I’d suggest becoming friends with them on Facebook and following them on Twitter to keep up to date with their future locations and times!

The Grilled Cheeserie celebrates National Grilled Cheese Month with guest chefs Josh Habiger, Deb Paquette, Philip Krajeck and Sean Brock

April 1 marked the beginning of National Grilled Cheese Month, which is an actual thing — not an April Fool's joke. (And according to Wikipedia, April is also National Soft Pretzel Month, National Soyfoods Month and, perplexingly, National Food Month.)

But it's not like we really need another reason to celebrate Crystal De Luna-Bogan and Joseph Bogan, local food truck pioneers, perennial Scene Best of Nashville Reader's Poll winners and the masterminds behind The Grilled Cheeserie, home of Nashville's favorite gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. The gooey staple, originally made open-faced, is nearly a century old, having first gained popularity during the Great Depression. But unlike other Depression-era cuisine — anyone up for a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich, or perhaps some creamed chipped beef on toast? — the grilled cheese sandwich remains a favorite of kids and adults alike.

For Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef De Luna-Bogan — who moved to Nashville after building her career in fine dining in Southern California at Napa Rose, The Four Seasons and Clementine — the inherent simplicity of the grilled cheese sandwich is what makes it such a great blank slate. The Bogans elevate the humble sandwich by integrating locally sourced and artisan ingredients to create a menu with a range of options, from basic to adventurous, even giving customers the option to build their own.

Throughout the month of April, The Grilled Cheeserie will celebrate "Chef de Grilled Cheese," showcasing innovative creations from local guest chefs Josh Habiger (Pinewood Social, The Catbird Seat), Deb Paquette (Etch), Philip Krajeck (Rolf and Daughters) and Sean Brock (Husk). Each week, one of the chefs' recipes will be the featured "melt of the moment" on the truck.

"It's a Nashville community-based theme," Bogan explains. "We wanted to take four culinary innovators who cook here and ask them to come up with their own grilled cheese — one that says, 'This is my style, this is me in a bread-and-cheese format,' that identifies their cooking style."

The Bogans visited each chef in his or her respective kitchen — an experience captured by Nashville photographer Andrea Behrends — to learn how to replicate each sandwich on the truck.

"It's amazing how each chef really took it on," De Luna-Bogan says. "Everybody put a ton of thought into it. When Sean Brock took his first bite, he was like, 'This tastes like my life!' They were all really excited to be part of it."

"Grilled cheese is something that everyone loves, that everyone grew up on, no matter what kind of chef you are — they can all identify with that," Bogan adds. "You can almost tell, just by looking at the sandwich, who made it."

But even those who aren't regulars at any of the chefs' restaurants — or even remotely familiar with their cuisine — will surely enjoy these creations.

Brock's namesake sandwich is made of buttermilk cheddar, buttercup cheese from North Carolina (the cows graze on buttercups, really), country ham, country ham fat (ground through a sausage grinder and baked, providing some crunch), pickled green tomatoes and Duke's Mayonnaise (powered by extra smoked paprika), on buttermilk brioche from Bobby John Henry Bakery. Naturally, Brock's sandwich is griddled in country ham fat.

Habiger's meticulously constructed sandwich — De Luna-Bogan jokes that he was practically using tweezers when preparing it — features sharp white cheddar, thinly sliced country ham from Murfreesboro's The Hamery, sliced apple and Fernet jam. It will be served on a special pain de mie from Dozen, which is a fluffy, light milk bread (picture an extremely nice white bread).

As for Paquette's sandwich, De Luna-Bogan says that there are "a million things on it," but in true Deb Paquette style, it all works when she puts it together. Her creation is made of smoked Gouda and aged Gouda (the former is softer, and the latter is more intense, almost like Parmesan) combined with shiitake mushroom confit acting as the "meat" of the dish, enhanced by pickled apples, fresh tarragon, horseradish and Parmesan mayonnaise on marble rye.

De Luna-Bogan says that while Krajeck's concoction contains ingredients you "would never think would go together," it all melts together in the most perfect way. Krajeck started with a creamy Fontina cheese and 'nduja, a fermented salami spread, griddled in Duke's Mayonnaise and slathered with a chard-scallion relish. The sandwich will be served on Bobby John Henry white bread with a lime wedge on the side.

"When people purchase the sandwich, they'll get a postcard-sized illustration with the information about the sandwich and the chef, including a short bio and a Q&A," De Luna-Bogan explains. The illustration, done by De Luna-Bogan's sister, Celena De Luna, will also be used for the poster on the truck, another addition to the big celebration of our ever-evolving culinary community through bread and cheese.

"It's a very supportive community," Bogan says. "It's not just about their own agenda. People genuinely care."

The food truck came first in 2010. The melt shop opened January 2 of 2017.

We wanted a familiar childhood favorite that I could be able to feature local and interesting ingredients that could change with the season. With it being a familiar item such as the grilled cheese, people were more open to trying new things without the intimidation or they could keep it simple with a classic local cheddar on freshly baked sourdough bread. We made sure that you could get the best of either option by featuring high quality ingredients and proper execution.

The 8 Most Instagrammed Foods in Nashville

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Nashville is one of the most up-and-coming food scenes in America. With its wide range of cuisine and unique twists on classic dishes, no one will be disappointed when they dine in this city. What’s even better than Nashville’s delicious foods you may ask? Getting to Instagram it. Almost every Vanderbilt student, Nashville local and tourist is guilty of posting their favorite Nashville foods on social media… and rightfully so. Take a look at the top seven most Instagrammed foods in this city.

8. Tavern: Fries

To start out the countdown, we begin with Tavern’s fries. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill deep fried potatoes. Tavern takes it a step further by adding signature flavors ranging from Parmesan Garlic to Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar. When the fries arrive at your table, they are basically spewing out of the wire basket that they’re served in, ready to jump into your mouth. These over-the-top fries not only taste incredible, but are literal food porn.

7. Biscuit Love: “Bonuts”

Photo courtesy of @liane_claire on Instagram

One new restaurant that has made quite a bang in Nashville, and an even greater bang on social media, is Biscuit Love located in the Gulch area. This hot spot serves traditional southern comfort food with a modern twist. Their bestseller, and our pick for the #6 most Instagrammed Nashville food, is a dish called “Bonuts.” A cross between a biscuit and a donut, these delicacies satisfy everyone’s cravings for a sweet breakfast dish.

6. Jeni’s: Ice Cream

Ice cream is without a doubt one of the most mouth-watering and Instagram-worthy desserts out there. There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy this cold treat, which is why photos of it always do well on Instagram. Jeni’s is the most popular Nashville spot for ice cream with their unique flavors and signature waffle cone topper in each ice cream. Jeni’s flavors are vibrant and delicious, which translates straight to the photo. The most Instagrammed flavors you ask? We’d have to say Brambleberry Crisp and Wildberry Lavender.

5. Burger Republic: Milkshake

Don’t be fooled by its name, Burger Republic offers way more than delicious burgers. In fact, this restaurant is becoming much more Insta-famous for its milkshakes. Burger Republic offers crazy flavors ranging from S’mores to Boozie Cookie Butter. That’s right, some of the milkshakes are alcoholic. While these milkshakes may not bring all the boys to the yard, they certainly bring the Instagram likes.

4. Grilled Cheeserie: Grilled Cheese with Tater Tots

Number 4 on our list is the Grilled Cheeserie, a Nashville staple cranking out twists on your classic grilled cheese. Everything here is homemade, right down to the tater tots that come with your sandwich. We forgot to mention one important thing… the Grilled Cheeserie is on wheels. That’s right, fanatics flock to this food truck for the best thing between sliced bread. If consumers are going to chase this sandwich around, you bet they deserve to Instagram it.

3. Virago: Crispy Rice and Spicy Tuna

One of this decade’s greatest food trends is crispy rice with spicy tuna on top Japanese restaurants across the country have jumped on the crispy rice bandwagon and added it to their menus. Nashville’s premiere spot for Sushi, Virago, adds their own twist on this dish by topping it with Watermelon “Pop Rocks.” Not only is this a photogenic dish to begin with, but the pop rocks give the photo an extra sparkle, making it the third most Instagrammed food in Nashville.

2. Hattie B’s: Hot Chicken

Photo courtesy of @Nashville_eats on Instagram

This ranking would not be complete without including a classic southern dish: hot and spicy fried chicken. Hattie B’s is Nashville’s premiere spot to indulge in this comfort food and Nashville citizens do not hold back in publicizing their experience there. The trademark photo from Hattie B’s includes a large piece of fried chicken topped with a thin slice of pickle alongside a pile of crunchy fries.

1. Pancake Pantry: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Ask any Nashville local, Vanderbilt Student, or run-of-the-mill tourist and they will most definitely be able to tell you what pancake pantry is. With over twenty flavors to boast, Pancake Pantry offers not only delicious pancakes, but also a great opportunity for photographic food, specifically their chocolate chip pancakes.

Photos of these hotcakes are seen all over Instagram and can make just about anyone’s mouth water, and that is why they’ve earned the title of the #1 most Instagrammed food in Nashville. After all, after waiting in an hour-long line to even eat these, people deserve to post a photo of this delicacy.

Food Truck’s Brick & Mortar Location: The Grilled Cheeserie, Nashville TN

As you may have realized by now, if you have read a few of my travel reviews, I like to do some research on the places I visit. … So when we were deciding on where to go for lunch on Monday, I stumbled upon a popular food truck called The Grilled Cheeserie. They have even been featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

The food truck can normally be found at Nashville Public Market, but have a brick & mortar location in a neighborhood called Hillsboro Village. Now you’ve probably guessed, they specialize in gourmet grilled cheese melts, but they also serve up tasty and nostalgic treats. With the main focus on seasonally inspired, responsibly sourced products. .. Yup, right up our alley.

We claim the rental car from the valet, type in the address in Google Maps and off we go. After a short 10 minutes and pleasant drive through town we arrive in what I can best would describe as “college downtown”. The several block downtown is within walking distance from Belmont and Vanderbilt Universities. This looks like a fun college hangout with cute retail boutiques and restaurants. Jackpot – anther fun area to explore!

We find parking at a paid lot near The Cheeserie. It’s an off-hour in late afternoon so the place is not overly crowded when we arrive, but the line started to form shortly after we sat down.

The menu lists 6 specialty melts and a section of build your own melts. We decide on one of each: Turkey di Parma, Roast Beef Dip and one side of Tater Tots all to be shared. By this time we have come to realize that Nashville really has a thing for tater tots, they are featured on almost every menu we come across.

Turkey di Parma

Roast Beef Dip

Dose. [coffee and tea]….’java nirvana’

I discovered dose. [coffee and tea] one day when I took a wrong turn. And I’ve been thankful ever since. I turned in and grabbed a vanilla machiato and realized that I would definitely be back. I am a sucker for warm welcoming environments with good views & eats. When I returned home I plugged into google to discover they were holding a coffee and chocolate tasting that I would refuse to miss. You say Chocolate to me and done deal. The whole experience of the tasting actually elevated the way I thought of coffee and chocolate as a whole. I definitely recommend checking out the next one .

Ummm! Just thinking about a ginger infused cappuccino makes me a happy man. Something about the smell of coffee beans alone I find to be therapeutic. I mean if there were scratch and sniff coffee scented t-shirts. I’d have one…true story. I mean I am infatuated with everything about that tiny little morsel that creates something so spectacular with the capabilities of curing my headaches, changing the state of my emotions and allowing me to like being around people at 6am in the morning. (sometimes its really hard… I kid you not)

dose. [coffee and tea], the awesome little coffee shop and cafe in the coveted Sylvan Park area of Nashville is serving up some of the best java you will find. Keith Steunebrink and Heath Henley, the owners of this hip establishment take true pride in all that is coffee. I sat down with Heath at dose., a cozy place decor-ed in vintage wood beams, hard-wood floors, trendy art pieces,high privacy booths and dim lighting that will make you want to camp out….Don’t try it! Somewhere between that euphoric state of fresh joe and the melodic swoons Otis Redding to Bon Iver you’ll become a believer and what I like to call a ‘serial doser’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

dose. has been open for business for 2 1/2 years and is still cultivating ways to become a Nashville staple. I’ve encountered many who gaze at me with a look of bewilderment when asking where they get coffee and have they heard of dose. [coffee and tea]? The name itself is a bit confusing if one is not a savvy coffee drinker. But the name dose. Henley explains, “refers to a step in the preparation of espresso, namely when you transfer the coffee from the grinder to the portafilter, known as dosing the coffee.” Aaaah! It’s all coming together now isn’t it, I know, right?

In trying to discover the perfect name for the shop. The guys decided to make a list if 15 options that would be voted on by the people and dose. won the fight.

You might be thinking, OK, well dose. sounds like a pretty cool place to get coffee, but why should I go there? Well if the ginger cappuccino didn’t get you then back to Pilot for your sugary sludge. At dose. they brew coffee by the cup, none of that mass production of some unmarked silver bag that no one knows what the content holds. Just so know, you will be waiting for 4 to 5 minutes for that perfect cup of Joe. Oh! Yeah, if you’re a die hard fan of chocolate, the Omahene chocolate sauce is to die for. After you add it to your coffee ask for a bowl of it!…No, I’m serious, it’s that good. Heath & Keith (don’t you love that it rhymes) are both above and beyond knowledgeable about all that the coffee industry has to offer. Their mission statement embodies their passion for the bean.

‘Our goal at dose. [coffee and tea] is to share in the love of the products that we choose to prepare for our clientele. And to be passionate about the preparation of products and the consumption. The ability to be in control of production and the personal preparation. Lastly, to create an environment we are ourselves would hang out in.’

Heath hipped us to whats known as the ‘third way of coffee’ which is the preparation of coffee that is appreciated for its nuances. Those flavor profiles that are created as a result of soil, climate and location.

Henley told us they are inspired to do what they do by the producers.Their objective is to ensure that they are producing the best cup of coffee that you have ever experienced because they desire to pay homage to those farmers who put a great amount of love and passion into what they harvest. When on the hunt for new coffee the guys bring in several samples and hold ‘cuppings’ (the technical term for slurping coffee to look for quality and those nuances) to determine what they will sell or feature next.The guys are searching for exceptional quality, unique-ness, and appearance of the product. At any given time you can try 6 different single origin coffees exported from different countries or farms all with their own unique flavor profile. You can find the feature of the month on the website if you’re ever in the mood to step up your coffee game.

I had the pleasure of grabbing some cuisine to go. I enjoyed the Turkey & Brie with caramelized onions on a delicious Brioche Bun made by The Bobby John Bakery. It was accompanied with a refreshing side of Caprese Salad. It was a delightfully filling meal to accompany my Ginger Cappuccino. And there was a not a patron in the room who didn’t agree the food was just as good as the java. Delicious bagels sourced from the Bagel Face Bakery and Yummy Cheese from Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese. We know it’s always better to hear from the source, so we bothered some people and here are there responses. When we asked.

Why dose. [coffee and tea]?

Brent from West Meade told us dose. has the “Best coffee in town. I typically order a vanilla latte with extra vanilla syrup.”

David, a Sylvan Park resident, said the coffee is so good. “I go simple black.” He patronizes dose. “because the atmosphere is not overwhelming and the food and drinks are great!”

I saw two women on the patio who seemed to be enjoying themselves and appeared as thought this wasn’t their first time at the coffee shop.

Lauren it turned out was a ‘serial doser’ who claims she practically lives at shop. She continues to return because “They serve a quality food product and the decor doesn’t feel hectic as compared to other coffee joints. It is also convenient to Sylvan Park.” She proved to be a huge advocate for the avocado and tomato bagel that she adds bacon to.

If you want to check out more on dose. [coffee and tea]. Check it out here:

Hi, I'm Charles Hunter III, a Personal Chef, Blogger & Recipe Developer. Welcome to The Salted Table. A space where I tell stories about food, life & living in Nashville, TN.


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