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Taking into account the preparation of the eclairs, the duration is longer. The "assembled" profiterole lasts only 5 minutes ....

Lightening dough:

Boil water with salt and margarine, mix until the margarine melts, when it starts to boil add flour and mix well so as not to form lumps. Leave to cool, well enough, then incorporate eggs, one at a time. one. Put the dough in a posh and form mini eclairs and donuts, put the tray in the oven and bake over medium heat, they are ready when they start to brown. Leave to cool a little, cut in half and fill with cream.

Cream: The powdered bag with the sugar is mixed with sour cream and milk and mixed at high speed. Separate the butter at room temperature, mix well, be soft and then take a little of the cream and mix with the butter until it becomes a frothy cream and homogeneous.

Profiterole assembly:

In a glass with a foot, like a cup, place the eclair donuts, then ice cream, garnish with whipped cream and chocolate sauce ... That's about it ...


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