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Cake with strawberry cream and yogurt

Cake with strawberry cream and yogurt

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Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt and set aside. Rub the yolks with the sugar until they become a creamy composition, then add the partially melted butter and milk and mix well.

The flour is mixed with baking powder and incorporated into the yolk cream.

Put the egg whites in the composition and mix with a spoon so as not to leave the composition.

Divide the dough into 2 and bake 2 sheets (24x24).


Put the gelatin in 3 tablespoons of cold water and leave it to hydrate for 10 minutes. Mix the yogurt with the sugar until it melts. The gelatin is dissolved in a bain marie and incorporated into the yogurt, stirring vigorously, then the whipped cream is incorporated and mixed.


In the tray with removable walls, put the first syrupy top, then the cream, stopping 4 tablespoons aside. In the cream, make "grooves" with a teaspoon. Mix the remaining cream with a few crushed strawberries, cut the rest into cubes.

The made canals are filled with the obtained cream, and the strawberry cubes are placed on top. Cover with the other syrupy top and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, then remove and decorate with whipped cream and strawberries.

Good appetite!

Biscuit cake, yogurt cream and peaches

How to Make Dessert Biscuit Cake with Yogurt Cream and Fruit. Culinary recipe from the Cakes category. The yogurt cake is a simple and light homemade cake. When you feel like something sweet, but so be refreshing and light, served cold from the fridge. Be with seasonal fruits, but without ripening. Jun cake with yogurt cream with biscuit top, cake without. Cake biscuits, yoghurt and peaches & # 8211 Cake with biscuits, yogurt cream and peaches. It has a cookie sheet, made cold and a vanilla cream. RECIPE BOOK: Cake with biscuits and ness Recipes Cakes, Dessert Recipes. Jan yogurt cream cake with biscuit top, cake without baking, cake from.

Be sure to wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing and consult resources. Biscuits dressed in a sour, fine and light cream. In terms of fruit, I chose strawberries, raspberries and oranges.

You can use any fruit depending on the season. Diploma cake with yogurt and fruit & # 8211 raspberries, currants, blueberries or pineapples, peaches, cherries, sour cherries. For the cream I used Greek yogurt.

Yogurt and banana cake, how to make this cake with biscuits and yogurt?

For the cream of this cake I used sweetened liquid cream and creamy yogurt with strawberries. I did not use sugar because both were sweet. But if you are replacing sweetened liquid cream with whipped cream then you will need to add a little powdered sugar. This is to everyone's taste. It is also valid if you use a simple creamy yogurt without fruit. It is best to use sugar depending on the two ingredients.

Strawberry and yogurt cake


For the crispy countertop:

- 75 g of browned almonds, finely ground

- 162 g of wafers with chocolate cream

- 100 g of unsalted, melted butter.

For the yogurt cream:

- 454 g of creamy Greek yogurt, 9% fat (including whey)

- 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

For the cake:

- whipped cream for decoration (optional)

- chocolate shapes for decoration (optional).

- silicone foil for baking

- 6 baking rings of 7.62 cm x 7.62.

Method of preparation

You will deal primarily with the crispy wafer top, similar to the one for cheesecake.

1. Put the silicone foil on a baking paper, then cut from another piece of paper some strips measuring 25.4 cm and 10 cm. Put the rings on the silicone foil and then line them with the strips cut earlier, securing them with adhesive tape.

2. In a food processor, grind the almonds until you get a fine powder, then put them in a small bowl.

3. Take the wafers and put them in the food processor, grinding them until you get a fine composition. Add the almonds and sugar over the wafers and process the composition until smooth.

4. Add the melted butter and mix everything until the dough softens.

5. Divide the countertop into equal portions at the base of the baking rings (approximately 2 tablespoons in each shape). Using the bottom of a glass, press and level the surface of the dough.

6. Refrigerate the countertop for one hour.

Then comes the yogurt cream:

1. Put the gelatin sheets in a bowl of cold water and let them soak for 10 minutes.

2. In a small frying pan, heat the milk until it is hot, but not enough to boil. Take it off the heat, then remove the gelatin sheets from the water, squeeze them and add it to the warm milk, stirring until it dissolves. Allow the mixture to cool.

3. Place the yogurt in a medium bowl, then, using a fine sieve, sprinkle the powdered sugar over it and mix well with a spoon until incorporated. Add the vanilla essence and mix again. Add the milk with gelatin to this composition, straining it through a piece of gauze and then mixing well.

4. Beat the liquid cream with a mixer, on medium speed, until it becomes hard, then add it to the yogurt cream in three series. After mixing well, put the cream aside.

In the end, all you have to do is assemble the delicious strawberry and yogurt cake:

1. Remove the countertop rings from the refrigerator.

2. Cut the strawberries in half, then stick them to the baking paper you lined the rings with. At this stage, you must have the patience to arrange the strawberries correctly, so that in the end they look exceptional.

3. Take the yogurt cream and add it over the counter and over the strawberries with a spoon, about halfway up the rings, fixed above the strawberries.

4. Add a layer of strawberries over the cream.

5. Continue to fill the forms with yogurt cream until you reach the edge of the baking paper with which you lined the rings. Cover the cakes with cling film and leave them to cool for 4 to 6 hours. It is important to cover them, because otherwise they will borrow various odors from the refrigerator, which is not exactly appetizing.

6. Remove the baking paper from the rings and unwrap the rings as well. Put the cakes on a plate, decorating them with whipped cream and chocolate shapes (find out HERE how to make them).

Even if it seems to you that there are quite a few steps to follow to do it strawberry and yogurt cake, you have to admit that the idea of ​​getting a dessert without baking is much more tempting now, when the heat has come!

Yogurt and cocoa cake

The preparation method is quite simple, we proceed like pandispan.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Mix the egg whites together with the salt powder until we obtain a hard foam over which we will put the sugar and we will continue mixing.

Mix until you get a glossy meringue.

Over the egg white meringue we will put the yolks and we will mix with a palette until we incorporate them in the meringue.

Next we will put the oil and the yogurt one by one, mixing after each one. We also add the orange essence.

In the obtained mixture we will sift the flour together with the baking powder and at the end we will put the quenched ammonium in the lemon juice.

Mix well, and put the resulting composition in a tray (20 & times30cm) lined with baking paper.

Put the tray in the preheated oven at 170 degrees Celsius and leave until it starts to turn golden and will pass the toothpick test.

How do I glaze the cake?

When it is ready, take the cake out of the oven and let it cool completely. After cooling, portion it. We will put the icing over the pieces of cake.

For the icing, heat the water and sugar in a saucepan and cook for 3 minutes.

At the end, add the cocoa powder and mix vigorously so that the cocoa lumps do not remain.

Let it cool a bit and then put it over the pieces of cake. At the end, decorate with coconut flakes.

From the above quantities I got 20 pieces of pretty small cake.

If you want, you can portion it into smaller pieces. I recommend you to try the yogurt pie recipe, it is easy to make, with commercial or homemade sheets, another delicacy. & # 128578

Yogurt and cocoa cake: a recipe worth trying, a spicy, fluffy and delicious cake!

Cocoa and yogurt cake

The recipe and the pictures belong to him Oana Branescu, blog contributor Good appetite, recipes with Gina Bradea.

Irina cake with fruit and yogurt cream

Dough ingredients : 550 g flour, 200 g cold butter with min 80% fat, 2 eggs, 100 g fermented fat cream (min 20% fat), 100 g powdered sugar, a pinch of salt, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, a teaspoon of grated peel Lemon

Cream ingredients: 1 kg homemade yogurt or creamy Greek yogurt with 12% fat, 5 eggs, 60 g starch, 240 g sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar, a pinch of salt, 4 tablespoons semolina, 800 g fruit fresh or frozen

Method of preparation: Dough preparation. In a bowl put flour mixed with cold butter, cut into cubes. Mix with your fingertips until you get a slightly sandy dough. In the composition add sugar, a pinch of salt, the 2 beaten eggs, sour cream, vanilla sugar and lemon peel. Knead the dough well until all the ingredients are homogeneous and the dough can be gathered into a ball. The dough obtained is divided into 2 unequal parts, a larger part and a smaller part. The smaller part of the dough is wrapped in a food foil and put in the freezer until we prepare the filling. Spread the larger piece of dough in a rectangular sheet on the floured worktop. Line a tray measuring 30 x 22 cm with baking paper and carefully place the dough sheet. Cut the edges of the dough, cover the tray with cling film and let the tray cool until we prepare the filling.

Preparation of the cream. We start by separating the eggs. In a bowl, mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt until foamy. When the foam is hard, add 120 g of sugar and continue mixing until you get a thick foam that will not fall off if you turn the bowl over. Separately in another bowl, mix the yolks with 120 g of sugar and vanilla essence. Mix until frothy, then add the starch, mix on low speed until incorporated then add the yogurt, semolina and mix well. Using a spatula, gradually incorporate the beaten egg whites into the yogurt cream and mix until smooth. Try not to crush the foam so as not to lose the air accumulated in it.

We separate the egg whites from the yolks. We mix the egg whites with 2 tablespoons of sugar until they harden, and we mix the yolks together with 2 tablespoons of sugar, vanilla sugar, oil, salt and baking powder until we obtain a white-yellow composition, which we pour over egg whites. With a spoon, gradually incorporate the flour, stirring gently from the bottom up.

We put the obtained composition in the shape of a cake, in which we previously put baking paper and greased it with oil. Put the form in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes, depending on the oven. When it is ready, take it out of the form and put it on a grill to cool.

In a bowl put the fruits (I had frozen), powdered sugar, liqueur and put in the microwave for 1 minute or until the sugar melts, but without softening the fruits too much, then let them drain.

Put the gelatine in a cup with 50-75ml of water and let it hydrate for 10 minutes, then put it in the microwave for 15 seconds or melt it on a steam bath. CAUTION gelatin should not boil.
In a bowl mix the whipped cream carefully so that it does not cut, and in another bowl mix the yogurt with the sugar and melted gelatin. Gradually incorporate the yogurt mixture into the whipped cream bowl, mixing at low speed. When it is ready, let it cool until the countertop cools. If it is done in time we can use it immediately.

Measure the syrup left by the fruit and fill it with liqueur, water, juice, etc. until we get 500ml of liquid. In a bowl we put the jelly cake together with the sugar, then we pour a little of the 500ml liquid until we finish it. Put everything in a bowl and cook for about 1 minute.

Cut the top of the countertop to level it, then cut the countertop in half. On a plate we put the first part of the countertop, then we put three quarters of the cream, the second part of the countertop and the rest of the cream. Arrange the fruit on top, and pour jelly cake in the middle over the fruit. Keep the cake cold for at least 1 hour or until the jelly cake thickens (gelatin).

jelly cake goes hot (not hot)
you can replace berries with strawberries, cherries or whatever fruit you like.

The recipe for cake with berries and yogurt cream was proposed by mikidaniro on the culinary forum.

Keep the cake with berries and cold yogurt cream until ready to serve.

Cake with yogurt and strawberries

For today's yogurt and strawberry cake I used the recipe for yogurt and cherry cake. It is a simple and very tasty cake, where you can use any kind of fruit, fresh or frozen. Even those in compote are very good, just to be well drained of juice.


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