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Favor, a Food Delivery Service, Comes to Austin

Favor, a Food Delivery Service, Comes to Austin

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Unlike others, Favor is a downloadable app that can deliver food at the tip of your fingers

The app Favor has launched in the Austin area, and it’s growing their in popularity. Creators Zac Maurais and Ben Doherty took their initial success from California, where they first debuted the app and completed over 1,000 deliveries.

The app opens with a customized list of the most popular restaurants in Austin, although customers can ask for any restaurant they want, because Favor does not limit the places where you can order from. Once a request is placed, “Favor Runners” will go out, pick up your food and promptly deliver it to you in bright blue tuxedo shirts, and each delivery has a $5 flat fee plus tip. The service works through a free downloadable app on iPhones, with an Android version in the works.

“Favor chose to relocate to Austin because of its strong tech community and its great food,” Maurais said. As of now, Favor really only serves central Austin, but they are trying to quickly expand out of Austin into the greater Texas area. Favor’s main headquarters are at the University of Texas at Austin at the Longhorn Startup camp.“Favor is working to build strategic partnerships with [many] restaurants,” concludes Maurais.

Favor: Local Delivery Service 4+

Get all your Texas favorites delivered by a Texas favorite. Use code FVRAPP15 for $15 off your first order now through May 31!

Favor is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your door in under an hour.

New users: See why Favor is Texas’ favorite delivery app—download today and get FREE DELIVERIES your first 2 weeks!

Favor delivers what you want, when you want it. Want to order Chinese food? Need to order beer or wine? Our personal assistants (we call them Runners) are ready to help with quick delivery from any of your favorite restaurants and stores.

Stay safe and healthy with Doorstep Deliveries, a 100% contact-free delivery experience. Your order will be dropped off at your door, and you can still contact your Runner by text.

Favor is also supporting local businesses throughout Texas with Local Favorites. Now, you can get free and discounted deliveries from hundreds of local restaurants you love.

Whether it’s lunch at the office, dinner at home, or those quick trips you just don’t have time for—we can deliver it in just a couple taps.

See why Favor is Texas’ favorite delivery app for local flavor. Download it today!

- Shop for anything from bales of hay (true to our Texas roots) and phone chargers to tacos and coffee
- Get contact-free deliveries dropped off safely at your doorstep
- Browse menus from thousands of local restaurants and stores near you
- Don’t see the store you want? Create a custom Favor—just let your Runner know where to go and what to get

-Get groceries and essentials delivered in under 2 hours with Express Delivery from H-E-B, Central Market, and Joe V’s
-Order anything—including beer and wine
-Enjoy one-on-one service and personal updates from your Runner, who will personally select and deliver your items
-Pay and tip in the app—for a limited time, Express Delivery includes a $4.98 2-hour delivery fee and $10 tip

- Get beer and wine delivered right to your door from select merchants including H-E-B, Central Market, and Circle K

- Part of the H-E-B family and available exclusively in Texas
- Favor delivers from the best local restaurants and stores in over 150 cities across the Lone Star State

- Order anything & have it delivered right to you in under an hour
- Support locally owned & operated businesses with Local Favorites
- All your favorite local stores & restaurants are just a tap away
- Order vegan food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Korean food or whatever you’re in the mood for
- Get delivery from anywhere—Circle K, H-E-B, Target, or your favorite restaurant

- Our Runners are more than delivery drivers—they are personal assistants dedicated to saving you time
- Forgot to ask for ketchup or need a roll of paper towels? Just text your Runner!

- Need help? Our Favor Care team is available to assist you throughout your ordering experience

- Favor is available in cities across Texas, including Abilene, Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Baytown, Beaumont, Brownsville, Buda, Burleson, Cleburne, College Station, Corpus Christi, Corsicana, Dallas, Del Rio, Denton, Eagle Pass, El Paso, Ennis, Fort Worth, Georgetown, Houston, Huntsville, Jake Jackson, Kerrville, Killeen, Kyle, Laredo, Longview, Lubbock, Midland, New Braunfels, Odessa, Port Arthur, San Angelo, the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, San Marcos, Temple, Tyler, Waco, & Waxahachie

Order from your favorite restaurants & fast food chains:
- Burger King
- McDonald’s
- Panera Bread
- Buffalo Wild Wings
- Olive Garden
- Papa John’s Pizza
- Applebee’s
- Walmart
- Whataburger
- Panda Express
- Church’s Chicken
- Five Guys
- Taco Bell
- Dairy Queen
- California Pizza Kitchen
- Chicken Express
- Firehouse Subs
- Hooters
- Jersey Mike’s Subs
- Pei Wei
- Romano’s Macaroni Grill
- Urban Bricks Pizza
- Velvet Taco
- Zoe’s Kitchen
- And more!

Freshly Reviews

According to, Freshly is one of the most popular prepared meal delivery services around, and one of the best. There is little wonder how the brand quickly rose to the top with dinner choices such as Peppercorn Steak, Shrimp Fajitas, Seafood Risotto, and the Southwest Veggie Bowl on the menu. They offer a wide selection of prepared meal options, conveniently delivered to your home at no extra cost. Choose plans offering four to 12 meals per week, with prices starting at a low cost of just $49.99 per week or $12.50 a serving.

Diabetic Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep

Living with diabetes requires a commitment to healthy eating. Yet, cooking fresh and nutritious meals at home can be a challenge. Diabetic meal delivery from provides the perfect solution.

Our diabetic meal delivery service makes healthy eating simple. You choose the diabetic-friendly meals that you love, and they arrive at your doorstep.

All of our dishes are dietitian approved and made using low-sugar diabetic recipes. And we offer delicious and nutritious options to suit everyone’s tastes – from Continental favorites, to Italian and Mexican entrees. Our diabetic meals delivered to your home in 2-3 days, after you place and order. And they’re ready to be reheated in the oven or microwave.

Using our diabetic meal delivery service, you can have a fresh, great-tasting home-cooked meal prepared in minutes. If you’re struggling to stick to a diabetic diet, meal delivery can help you lose weight, manage blood sugar and reach your healthy living goals. Our premade diabetic meals are:

1 - BistroMD ( Editor's Choice )

Best match for: People looking to lose weight while following a diet for managing diabetes.

Dr. Caroline Cederquist founded bistroMD in 2005 when she realized how many of her patients struggled to cook healthy meals at home. Now bistroMD offers several research-based meal plans, including a menu for diabetic people.

All meals form the diabetic program contain less than 25g on net carbohydrates and are specifically designed to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. The company offers a wide selection of doctor-designed meals prepared by a chef, with lean protein and balanced micro and macronutrients. All you have to do is put your diabetic meal in a microwave, and after a few minutes, it is ready to serve.

You can choose full five or 7-day plans with breakfasts, lunches, and dinners or pick five or 7-day options with just lunches and dinners. You can also add their signature snack program called EATS (Essential and Tasty Snacks).

2 - Home Bistro

Best match for: People looking for restaurant-quality meals tailored to a diabetic diet.

Home Bistro offers delicious home-delivered meals for diabetic people. Their recipes are packed with essential nutrients while having lower carb, sodium, and caloric content.

You can shop à la carte meals, or choose a custom made meal combo. Meals are prepared by chefs, and flash-frozen to save flavors and textures of the ingredients.

Home Bistro ships via FedEx to the contiguous United States, and most orders take 1-3 business days. Every diabetic meal comes in a tightly sealed container packed with dry ice. You also receive nutritional information and preparation guides, which makes reheating quick and easy, and it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Our review of Home Bistro meal delivery will tell you everything you need to know!

3 - Diet-to-Go

Best match for: Anyone looking for a personalized diabetes meal plan.

Diet-to-Go was created in the 1990s with an idea to offer healthy meals and proper portion sizes to everyone. Since then, the company's unique approach has earned them a proven track record in meal preparation and delivery.

Their Balance-Diabetes meal plan follows the American Diabetes Association guidelines for preventing and managing prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

The whole ordering process is easy, and you have an option to customize each diabetic meal plan based on your food preferences. Diet-to-Go meal services also offer you an opportunity to get a free diet analysis from nutritionists, dietitians, and other health experts.

4 - Sun Basket

Best match for: Anyone looking for a diabetic meal plan containing organic produce and responsibly raised meats.

Sun Basket is a meal delivery service committed to providing best-quality ingredients and delicious recipes to make cooking fun and easy. They offer a range of diabetes-friendly meal options, specifically designed to help with type 2 diabetes prevention and management.

Every diabetic meal is under 700 calories, with low added sugar, saturated fat, sodium, and high protein content.

The company offers subscription plans and weekly delivery to your doorstep. With easy and delicious recipes, your meal will be ready in 30 minutes or less.

5 - Silver Cuisine by bistroMD

Best match for: Seniors looking to get diabetes-friendly meals.

Silver Cuisine by bistroMD offers a unique delivery service with every meal specifically designed to satisfy the dietary needs of older adults. Every diabetic meal on the menu has been created by Dr. Caroline Cederquist to have less fat, sodium, carbs, and more fiber than any frozen dish you can find in a grocery store.

Recipes are inspired by the Mediterranean diet, with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Each meal has less than 25g of carbohydrates per serving.

6 - Nutrisystem

Best match for: People who love snacking.

Nutrisystem is a popular meal delivery service that helps customers achieve weight loss goals with healthy eating and portion control. The company offers three meal plans for people with type 2 diabetes, with an intent to regulate symptoms such as high blood sugar levels.

Each diabetic meal in Basic-Diabetes, Uniquely Yours-Diabetes, and Ultimate-Diabetes plans contains the right balance of nutrients, and your daily menu has between 1200 and 1500 calories. Snacking is encouraged, and you will eat every 2-3 hours to keep your blood glucose steady.

Take a look at our Nutrisystem review to find out more!

7 - Mom’s Meals

Best match for: Anyone looking for a taste of a home-cooked diabetic meal.

Mom’s Meals is a delivery service offering a unique eating plan catered for different specialty diets, including a diabetes-friendly program.

Mom’s Meals dishes have been designed by a dietitian, and they offer a mix of whole foods, veggies, lean protein, and low carb content, which is essential for managing blood sugars.

You can have diabetic meals delivered straight to your door via Mom’s Meals delivery truck or a third party like FedEx.

8 - Magic Kitchen

Best match for: People who need flexible day-to-day diabetic meal delivery depending on their schedule.

Magic Kitchen has a 15-year long history preparing and delivering meals to people across the US. They offer a wide range of meal kits suitable for any diet plan, including diabetic meals designed by a dietitian to have low sodium and sugar content. Each delicious diabetic meal contains a main course and one or two sides.

Magic Kitchen has the best frozen diabetic meal selection out of all delivery services with over 80 different dishes on their menus. With so many different flavors and variety, you won’t ever have to go grocery shopping, as you’ll always have lunch and dinner options.

From the day we opened our doors at Tiny Boxwoods, we&rsquove been dedicated to serving our guests and their families. We offer fresh, from scratch food, a full espresso bar, creative cocktails, and of course our famous chocolate chip cookies. Currently, we are open for dine in service, as well as to go orders or delivery with Favor. So give us a call or stop on in to say hi. We&rsquore looking forward to seeing you!

Tiny Boxwoods Houston remains our most beloved store because it&rsquos where our story began.

Call us for to-go orders: 713.622.4224

To make a reservation with Resy, click here

For delivery via Favor, click here

Our second Tiny Boxwoods overlooks Kerbey Lane Village in Austin, Texas.

Call us with your order: 512.220.0698 or order online

To make a reservation with Resy, click here

For delivery via Favor, click here

Nestled in the heart of West U, Tinys No. 5 came to life inside an old historic grocery store.

Call us with your order: 713.664.0141

To make a reservation with Resy, click here

For delivery via Favor, click here

Milk & Cookies is a walk up bakery, coffee and ice cream shop in West University.

Call us with your order: 713.352.3086

For delivery via Favor, click here

Milk & Cookies Austin is a walk up bakery, coffee and ice cream shop in the heart of Kerbey Lane Village.

Call us with your order: 512.675.4949

For delivery via Favor, click here

The newest Milk & Cookies, right down the street from Tiny Boxwoods, where it all began.

“SnackNation is so worth it because it’s less time-consuming, there’s more variety, and it makes everyone happy.”

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“Three words when I think of SnackNation: healthy, tasty and affordable!”

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“It’s really nice as the Office Manager to have it be an automated process. Everybody is really psyched when they come in.”

Social Mentions

Who Would You Like Snacks For?

Keep remote teams connected no matter the distance.

Easy-to-manage shipments delivered right to your office.

Treat yourself or send a delicious gift to someone special.

19 Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

There are many excuses you can use to justify you ditching your self-proclaimed goal to eat healthier. I don't have time to cook dinner when I get home from work, you cry. I don't have time to prep lunches on Sunday, you complain. I don't have time to go grocery shopping, you bemoan. And here's what we have to say to all that: Meet your match. These healthy meal services will deliver ready-to-eat or easy-to-prepare meals to your doorstep. Find the one that's right for you.

Fresh N' Lean deliveries can be customized for vegan, low-carb, and paleo lifestyles. The company's Protein+ meal plan is great for those looking for a meat forward approach to their diet. It's made for athletes or fitness junkies that need a protein-heavy meal to fuel them. Everything is always delivered fresh&mdashnever frozen.

Sample meal: Lemon glazed Brussels sprouts with quinoa and cage free chicken thigh

Where: Nationwide

Cost: Starting at $75 per week

First things first: Sun Basket doesn't just have microwave-friendly meals. They've got the traditional boxes filled with ingredients that you prep and assemble yourself, too. But these new Fresh & Ready meals come prepared and ready-to-cook in adorable bamboo boxes. You can pop in either the microwave or the oven, and they're ready to eat in less than six minutes. (P.s. In addition to full meals, you can add market products, like sourdough, smoked salmon, and coconut yogurt.

Sample meal: Southwestern turkey and sweet potato skillet, spicy Sichuan dan dan noodles with tofu and spinach

Where: Most zip codes in the United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Montana, New Mexico, and North Dakota

Cost: Dinners from $10.99/serving

Meals from Factor_ require absolutely no cooking, just a quick reheat in the microwave. This delivery service's main goal is to save you time, so you can choose to have as few as four meals delivered every week or as many as 18. The shipping process also requires no signature upon delivery and comes with cold packs so each box stays fresh until you can unload it.

Sample meal: Jalapeño popper burger

Where: 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii

Cost: $15 per meal for 4 meals per week, with lower prices for more frequent deliveries

Think of Raw Generation like your personal, virtual juice bar. They've got green juices and sweet ones, plus smoothies, good-for-you soups, and keto-friendly drinks. You can subscribe to a recurring delivery for most products, including the multi-day cleanses. By doing so, you'll save 10% off the base price. The Protein Cleanse offers 3 cold-pressed juices and 3 plant-based smoothies each day, and you can order it for a 3-, 5-, or 7-day stint.

Sample meal: Vanilla Cashew Smoothie and Citrus Carrot Juice

Where: Nationwide

Cost: from $89.99

There are 10 different meal plans to choose from with Eat Clean Bro. Under 500 calories, vegetarian, keto, and low carb are just a few of them&mdashor you can choose a meal plan based on protein type. Eat Clean bro also has a loyalty program called "Bro Points": For every $100 you spend, you'll get $3 off your next purchase.

Sample meal: Green chicken enchilada bowl made with slow-cooked shredded chicken tossed in salsa verde, served over spaghetti squash with sautéed peppers, onions, and organic corn, topped with cheddar cheese

Where: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Cost: Meals starting at $10, with a five meal minimum for delivery

RealEats was founded by a single dad who felt like he didn't have enough hours in a day to feed his kids good-tasting, healthy meals. The goal is to help other busy families by providing them with prepackaged meals made by a Michelin-star chef. The menu includes healthy snacks and beverages, and you can opt for individual orders of sides and proteins so you can make your own meal pairings.

Sample meal: Seared lime shrimp with organic brown rice noodle Pad Thai

Where: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. RealEats also delivers to most of South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, and parts of Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri

Cost: $15 per meal with a four meal minimum per delivery

For those living with diabetes, there's BistroMD. It's a meal delivery service designed by doctors&mdash still made to taste delicious. Each meal is created to help you maintain healthy glucose levels, and the service even offers support from a team of registered dietitians. There are also plans that are gluten-free, heart-healthy, and for those dealing with menopause.

Sample meal: Blackened chicken with creamy smoked paprika sauce

Where: Nationwide, with Alaska deliveries only available in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Eagle River

Cost: Starting at $98 for five days

Veganeik was created when the founder started experiencing health issues related to her meat and dairy consumption. This menu is diverse and puts a spin on classic recipes like mac & cheese, meatballs, fried "chicken' and so much more. For bigger families or corporate events, Veganeik also offers catering.

Sample meal: Coconut rice and beans made with jasmine rice, coconut milk, and red beans

Where: New York City and surrounding areas

Cost: Starting at $65 for three days worth

When you don't have time in your everyday schedule to pencil in grocery shopping, Hungryroot comes to the rescue. This service sends you a selection of groceries, including proteins and fresh produce, along with quick and easy recipes that detail how to use everything that comes in your box. Recipes can take as little as 10 minutes to prepare, and you can decide yourself whether or not you want to follow them or get creative.

Sample meal: Tofu and rainbow veggie lentil dal

Where: 48 states and Washington D.C., excluding Alaska and Hawaii

Cost: Starting at $59 per delivery

It's nearly impossible to tire of the meal selections from Territory. A hand-selected network of nutrition experts and local chefs make sure the weekly platters vary. That means you can try out different lifestyles (paleo, keto, vegetarian, Whole30, low-fat, Mediterranean) and cuisines: Lebanese, Brazilian, Southwestern, Italian. The meals come completely ready-to-eat&mdashas in you're not even required to mix anything or top with a sauce. Just pop them in the microwave for the set amount of time. TLDR: These meals are literal lifesavers when you want to be healthy but don't have the energy to cook anything yourself.

Sample meal: Brazilian steak with yuca fries and grilled pineapple pico

Where: Philadelphia New York City Hampton Roads, VA Richmond, VA Baltimore, MD Washington, DC Houston, TX Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Los Angeles Sacramento, CA San Francisco/Bay Area Inland Empire, CA San Diego, CA Orange County, CA

Cost: from $30/week

All of the dinners you receive from Pete's Paleo follow a basic formula: meat + starchy vegetable + greens. (All meat is grass-fed and pastured all produce is organic and there's no gluten, dairy, or soy in anything.) Don't read basic as boring. The ingredients themselves are ones you might not pick up at the grocery store: meats like pork butt and lamb and vegetables like turnips and rutabaga.

Sample meal: Roasted garlic chicken thighs with sautéed spinach and roasted parsnip and turnip blend

Where: Nationwide

Cost: from $72/week

Brother and sister cofounders Greg and Elizabeth Connolly are both avid athletes, and their meals are made to fuel people with similar lifestyles. So whether you choose their vegan, vegetarian, clean, paleo, keto, or classic meals, you'll finish feeling satisfied. If you want your food prepped but with the flexibility to create your own meals, Trifecta provides that, too. You can purchase any of 13 proteins, five carbohydrates, and nine vegetables a la carte.

Sample meal: Ahi tuna with almond flour pasta and squash

Where: Nationwide

Cost: from $108/week

If you follow anywhere from one to 100 health-minded Instagram stars, you've probably seen them sing Daily Harvest's praises. Every single menu item has adorable packaging&mdashand inside, you'll find all the flash-frozen ingredients you need to blend (you'll need to add your liquid of choice for the smoothies) or heat for your meal. The idea is that you can pour the prepared contents back into the cup and bowl and easily enjoy your snack or meal. The company started just making smoothies now they also carry harvest bowls, flatbreads, oat bowls, chia bowls, and soups, snacks, and plant-based ice creams.

Sample meal: Mesquite lentil chili with sweet potato, kale, and purple corn

Where: Contiguous U.S.

Cost: $5.99 for oat and chia bowls $7.99 for smoothies, soups, bites and lattes and $8.99 for harvest bowls and flatbreads

Every ingredient used in Urban Remedy's meals is chosen specifically for its healing properties, with a focus on anti-inflammatory foods. After all, founder Neka Pasquale motto is "food is healing." There are eight meal plans to choose from&mdashincluding one for brides, one meant to support your immune system, and one that fights inflammation. Or you could buy Urban Remedy's drinks, bars, and proteins individually.

Sample meal: Country fried vegan "chicken" breast, gravy, fresh vegetables, and mashed potatoes

Where: Nationwide

Cost: from $117/week

A lot of people complain eating vegetarian meals precludes them from enjoying classics like burgers, burritos, and bolognese. To that, Veestro fans shoot back, "No, it doesn't!" The meal service is all about upping the number of plants you eat&mdasheven if you're not giving up meat altogether (though that's the eventual goal). The vegetarian meals can be tweaked to follow other special diets, too, including high-protein, gluten-free, and kosher.

Sample meal: Kelp noodle Chinese chicken salad

Where: Contiguous U.S.

Cost: from $110/week

Provenance Meals ships nationwide through its Feel Good Fix and Wellness Shop programs. Rest assured that everything they're eating is sourced locally and sustainably. The meals are designed by founder Caroll Lee and her team of nutrition experts, and the entire production has a holistic approach&mdashfrom the on-call group of natural nutritionists to the commitment to reducing packaging and food waste.

Sample meal: Tandoori salmon and carrot chard aloo with mango chutney

Where: Nationwide

Cost: Daily Essentials $52

Three minutes&mdashthat's the longest it'll ever take you to get Freshly's meals from container to table. The meals come fully cooked and they're not frozen, so they don't take long to reheat. As for those buzz words that every meal delivery service likes to tout: Freshly is certified gluten-free and their packaging is super sustainable. Everything can be recycled.

Sample meal: Lebanese-style beef meatballs with spinach, chickpeas, and tahini sauce

Where: Contiguous U.S.

Cost: from $50/week

When you order meals from The Good Kitchen, you can do so for couples (10 meals per week) or a family of three (21 meals per week). The company just launched "The Lunchbox," too, which has simple meals created just for children. Everything's truly about pleasing the customer. If you don't enjoy something, you'll get your money back. Plus, you can pause, cancel, or switch your plan at any time.

Sample meal: Smokey eastern North Carolina barbecued pulled pork with bacon braised mixed greens

Where: Nationwide

Cost: from $98/week

Sakara believers (including Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge, and Adriana Lima) will tell you it isn't just a meal plan&mdashit's a lifestyle. And as corny as that sounds, it's kind of true. Your weekly deliveries come with a stick of Palo Santo and detox water concentrates, and the individually packaged meals list all the ways the ingredients will make you a better, healthier human. Expect the plant-based food to look like the stuff of a pastel-colored dream world: edible flowers, colorful veggies, and chlorophyll drops.

Sample meal: Hemp and dulse-crusted avocado, sprouts, radish, quinoa, lentils, mustard sesame dressing

Choosing Keto Prepared Meal Delivery from Factor

Factor is the easy, convenient, no-nonsense prepared food solution for busy people who want to live right and eat well. The No.1-rated prepared meal company on Trustpilot, we’re known for providing premium-quality meals for many of today’s most popular diet plans.

Because we know food is the most important factor in your health and overall wellness, we’ve designed our ketogenic meal delivery service to be the simple way to achieve a nutritious, purposeful diet — one that takes the guesswork out of healthy eating. Try Factor today to experience flavorful meals, ingredients with integrity, nutrient-dense recipes and the most convenient meal plans to fuel your success.

Home Chef

Good for: People who love having options.

The details: Home Chef is one of the post popular meal kit delivery services out there, and it’s not hard to see why: The brand offers one of the most customizable meal kits and doesn’t limit you to just kits with fresh ingredients to cook up at home or one-pan reheatable meals. It gives you the option of choosing based on your needs and even has you narrow down your dietary preferences, whether you want to cut back on shellfish or go gluten-free. There’s an option to choose meals that are “ready in 15 minutes” if you’re truly starved for time, plus a menu for entrée-size salads or “premium” meals from the brand’s culinary collection that will make you feel like you’re eating gourmet.

Recipes are often simple but satisfying, like hearty steak and potatoes, sesame chicken, and salmon bagels, but also extend to international items like Vietnamese pork kebabs and Cuban steak burritos. Home Chef’s memberships are also flexible, in case you change your mind or want to press pause—you can cancel an order or take a break whenever you want. All the dishes are designed to take no more than 30 minutes to put together, and easy-to-follow recipe cards will show you how to make everything. If you’re worried about the waste involved with a weekly meal kit, all of the ingredients are delivered in recyclable packaging, with more instructions on the website that tell you exactly how to dispose of them. (Want to know more about Home Chef? One of our editors shares her experience with this healthy meal kit in her in-depth Home Chef review.)

Special dietary options: Recipes include vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, plus you can opt out of having wheat, dairy, soy, red meat, nuts, and more in your meals.

Availability: Nationwide, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Customer review: We had our first Home Chef meal this evening. Our 20-year-old son, no chef by any stretch of the imagination, followed the instructions for shrimp. He was chopping bok choy and sprinkling spices and browning shrimp like a pro. The meals were shipped beautifully. The produce looks great. The protein was great. We could not have gotten a better meal if we had gone out to a restaurant. Since we can't really go out to restaurants right now, what a treat to have a restaurant-quality meal at home prepared by a true amateur. And he had fun doing it! Tomorrow tacos, the next day scallops, next week who knows? —Chris

Cost: $10 per serving for dinner and $8 per serving for lunch. Shipping is free for orders over $40, and otherwise $10.

Watch the video: Grocer H-E-B buying Austin-based delivery service Favor (August 2022).