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Egg pasta rabbit in dough basket

Egg pasta rabbit in dough basket

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a simple recipe for Easter holiday children.

  • frozen dough sheet for pie
  • Boiled eggs
  • green onions
  • parsley, carrot,
  • red peppers for decoration

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Egg pasta rabbit in a dough basket:

Cut thin strands of dough, which are woven into 3 to form the basket handle, then from the dough circles form the baskets that are placed in a tray with muffin shapes, bake until browned. After cooling, place a few sprigs of green onions as grass and then place the boiled egg in the basket, make the ears from 2 slices of boiled egg white, eyes from 2 pieces of parsley stalk and carrot mouth. or red pepper.

Easter Bunnies & # 8211 Traditions and legends of the Easter Bunny

Bunnies and Easter Eggs & # 8211 Traditions and legends of the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a fabulous character. In the legend, this small animal brings baskets full of colorful eggs, sweets and toys in the houses with children, on the night before the Easter holiday. The Easter Bunny will put baskets hidden around the house so that children can find them when they wake up in the morning.

The Easter Bunny is very similar in character to Santa Claus in that they both bring presents to their children the night before the Easter and Christmas Holidays.

Its origins are disputed, but there are mentions of Easter Bunnies since the early 1600s, some of which link them to fertility.

The Easter Bunny as a symbol of Easter seems to have its origins in Alsace and southwestern Germany.

The first edible Easter bunnies were produced in Germany in the 1800s, and were made from pastry dough and sugar.

The Easter Bunny was introduced to America by German settlers during the 1700s.

The arrival of the Easter Bunnies was considered the "greatest pleasure of the children" similar to the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
According to tradition, children built cubes in bright colors, often from twigs, in secluded areas of their homes, in places away from the eyes of adults. The Easter bunnies, if the children were good and behaved nicely, left their well-deserved gifts in the nest.

With the spread of the tradition, the habits changed and the place of the nest was taken by a modern Easter basket, and hiding the nest in remote areas of the house became the habit of hiding baskets.

Eggs, by their nature, are symbols of fertility. Just like birds that lay eggs in spring and bunnies give birth to chicks in early spring. Rabbits are very prolific for animal breeders, as they have a very high breeding capacity. Thus the female rabbit can conceive a second chick while she is still pregnant with the first. The two pups are born separately. This phenomenon is called "superfetation". Rabbits are considered sexually mature at an early age and can give birth to several chicks in a year, hence the word "multiply like rabbits" or "mate like rabbits." Thus, it is not surprising that rabbits are considered symbols of spring and fertility and thus have all the merit to enter the folklore of the Easter holiday.

According to other legends, according to Bede of Jarrow, the etymology of the word "Easter" in English comes from the Germanic word "Easter". Bede also says that the month in which this holiday was first celebrated, this holiday was named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess "Eostre", who had a rabbit as a pet. According to this legend, this rabbit of the goddess Eostre would have made the first colored egg. But, the statement from Bede is the only mention in antiquity related to the goddess named Eostre and for this reason it is believed that Bede was simply wrong and that this worship of the goddess would never have existed.

Postcard dated 1910

The exact origin of the habits of painting eggs is not known exactly. Many Christians paint Easter eggs in the colors of the blood, in recognition of the renewal of life, in the spring and later, the blood was considered a sacrifice for Christ. Some also use the color green, in honor of new leaves that begin to grow after a long dead time of winter.

The Protestant Germans wanted to keep the Catholic customs of eating Easter eggs but did not want to introduce for their children, the rituals of eating them. Thus, eggs are forbidden to Catholics to eat during Lent, which explains their abundance during Easter.

So, according to what has been said above, the tradition of the Easter bunny is a ritual that has nothing to do with the celebration of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The bunny is the symbol of fertility and nature that comes to life with the arrival of spring.
Like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny is expected by children of all ages with great joy and emotion, being considered one of the great pleasures of childhood. It is said that if the children have been good throughout the year, the generous bunny will bring them chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and many other sweets made by him only on Easter day.

Nowadays, as spring approaches, each of us is looking forward to the Holy Feast of the Lord's Resurrection, although the symbol of the rabbit has been somewhat defiled. being filled to the brim with toy and chocolate bunnies and other bunny-shaped sweets. Thus being considered by them more as a business after which to benefit as much as possible.

After all, every people has a different vision of bunnies and Easter eggs, but in the end it is a myth that should not be forgotten, especially by children.

Easter bunny with basket and eggs

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Easter recipes: Rabbit appetizer

FloryMatei sent this delicious Easter recipe.

Ingredient Aperitif rabbits

1 egg, 1 slice of bread, 2 & # 8211 3 slices of ham, 1 tomato, cream cheese, yellow bell pepper, 1 mushroom, 2 olives, cheese, greenery for decoration

Preparation Rabbit appetizer

Rabbit sandwich & # 8211 slice of bread grease with cream cheese, cut the slices of ham and form a rabbit as in the picture, the bottle is made of cheese, eyes and nose from pieces of olives.

Mushrooms: the boiled egg is cut into two pieces, the tomato as well, over the piece of tomato put the drops of cream cheese & # 8211 with a pos or a bag with a small hole.

Other decoration elements: half of the yolk and pieces of bell pepper cut into slices & # 8211 we make the sun, from the mushroom hat we cut the rounds and form clouds. We place the greenery for decoration.

Bunny Habits & # 8211 Looking for Easter eggs

Compared to Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny seems very shy. It's natural, that's how all bunnies are, scared and careful not to be noticed. Here are some ideas to cheer up the Easter holiday and make it to the liking of the little ones.

The bunny brings gifts

On the night of the Resurrection, the Bunny goes to the good children and leaves them a small gift in their slippers. Being small and scary, the Bunny is usually less generous than Santa Claus, but a small toy, bunnies or chocolate eggs are always a joy, both for adults and children.

The bunny beautifies painted eggs

The little ones can assist in painting the eggs for Easter and can even help you polish them with a drop of oil. But they will have a big surprise on the first day of Easter when they see that eggs prepared by them so carefully glued different cheerful stickers, with chickens, bunnies, popcorn, ladybugs & # 8230 or, why not, with their favorite cartoon character .

The rabbit hides eggs

Whether it hides the painted ones or hides chocolate outes, the habit is funny and attracts children. Especially if there are several children in the reunited family, or if you spend the traditional Easter meal somewhere in the yard, the children will be happy to walk the yard long and wide with a basket in hand, to gather the surprises left by the troublesome bunny. .

The bunny can make magical eggs

Do you notice the surprise on the child's face when he finds in the garden or in the toy box some eggs with candies inside? They are made extremely simple. Take a balloon and prepare your favorite candies. Insert the candy into the balloon and inflate the balloon to the size you want. Then wrap it a few times with linen string. If you want, you can paint the string in advance, or you can leave it in its color. Using a brush, soak the string with a mixture of glue and water and wait for it to dry, then break the balloon and remove its remnants from the inside. The result looks something like this:

A custom of the people says that on Easter Sunday children should wash their faces in a basin in which clean water is poured and in which a red egg is placed & ndash for the little one to have peonies in his cheeks, a few coins & ndash for luck and abundance, a flake & ndash to make his body light and agile. We do not know how effective the method is, but it is a beautiful tradition, which the little one will remember over the years, with nostalgia, especially when he will become a parent and will talk about & bdquoce did grandma & # 8230 & rdquo.

The Easter Bunny can be expected with small gifts

The night before, you can prepare a small rabbit feast with your child: a few lettuce leaves, a green onion, 2 radishes, a slice of cucumber and two carrots are definitely to the liking of any rabbit, which must gain strength for the long road ahead. In addition, all these preparations and the positive example given by Iepuras (who will not forget to enjoy the prepared goodies!) Will stimulate the little one to eat fresh vegetables too, a real joy!

What preparations are you making for the Bunny? What is your little one's favorite habit? What habits have you kept since your childhood?