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What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You

What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You

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Everyone has a favorite Halloween candy. After a night of trick-or-treating, you’d gather around a big kitchen table with your friends and trade off candies. Your friend doesn’t dig Twix bars? Perfect! More for you! (And you’re able to get rid of that pesky Pixy Stick.) But what does liking a Reese’s more than a bag of Skittles say about who you are as a person and a fan of Halloween? It has to mean something, right?

Right. Your favorite candy bar, fruit-flavored sweet, or whatever the heck candy corn is actually reveals a deep truth about your core person. So find your favorite Halloween candy below and see what is says about who really are, deep down:

Candy Corn: You aren’t afraid of a little controversy. Some people may love you, others may hate you, but you’re going to keep being the icon you are.

Dove Chocolate Bars: Oh, you fancy, huh? You pick and choose what houses to trick-or-treat at, because you’d rather only go to the good places than have a bucket full of unwanted candy.

Hershey’s: You’re a classic, confident soul. You don’t need much to satisfy your sweet cravings, and that is more than fine with you.

Kit-Kat: You’re a social butterfly. You are always willing to share your mind and your Halloween candy with those around you.

M&Ms: You may seem a bit like an outgoing personality, and while you are always down for a good time, sometimes all you want is a quiet night in with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa.

Reese’s: You’re able to adapt to any situation, whether you’re at a Halloween party where you don’t know a soul or you’re trick-or-treating with your best buds, you’re always comfortable. You’re non-judgmental too; you know there’s no wrong way to live your life.

Skittles: You’re a bright, sparkling personality no matter what room you’re in. With a sunny outlook on life, everyone can find something to like about you.

Snickers: You’re a welcoming, warm person. There are layers to who you are as a being, and everyone feels comfortable around you.

Twix: You’re a little wacky and a little mixed up, but that’s more than fine by you! People welcome your zaniness, and you’re much-loved.

Twizzlers: You may seem like a classic soul, but you’re a little twisted, if we’re being honest.

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