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Small Plates Restaurant Genji Izakaya Opens Inside Whole Foods in NYC

Small Plates Restaurant Genji Izakaya Opens Inside Whole Foods in NYC

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A Japanese gastropub, serving small bites and ramen, is now open at Whole Foods Market in Columbus Circle

Tomoyuki Takasu, formerly of Morimoto in Philadelphia, will serve as the izakaya’s executive chef.

Whole Foods Market at Columbus Circle in New York City is now home to Genji Izakaya, a full-service, small plates Japanese restaurant.

Inspired by the traditional izakaya, the Japanese pub popular with the after-work crowd, Genji will offer a gastropub menu complemented by Whole Foods’ beer selection. Tomoyuki Takasu, formerly of Stephen Starr’s Morimoto and Pod restaurants, will serve as the restaurant’s executive chef.

So far, Takasu’s menu includes “japas,” or Japanese tapas like sautéed edamame, wonton nachos, gyoza, and bao sliders, as well as miniature ramen bowls in a range of styles: Tonkotsu (pork bone-based), shuyo tonkotsu, spicy miso tonkotsu, and vegetarian. Genji Izakaya will also serve sushi tacos in spicy tuna, salmon avocado, shrimp tempura, and vegetable.

In addition to a selection of local craft beers and international brews, the restaurant will also offer wine and sake. Genji Izakaya is open now, from noon to 11 p.m. daily.

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