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You Can Cuddle with Teacup Pigs at London’s Pop-Up ‘Pignic’

You Can Cuddle with Teacup Pigs at London’s Pop-Up ‘Pignic’

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The Proud Archivist in Haggerston will be holding an oink-full weekend of education, food, and pig meet and greets


This little piggy went to London… this little piggy has lines outside the door waiting to see him!

First it was cat cafés, and then New Yorkers followed up with dog cafés. Just earlier this month London announced (and was criticized for) an owl café. The newest animal hangout/café hybrid is the London Pignic, which, besides having the most twee name ever, boasts an equally adorable roster of teacup pigs. The London Pignic, brought to you by Yelp and PetPiggies, a reputable breeding organization, will take place at The Proud Archivist in Haggerston, London from May 21 to 25.

You’ll be able to enjoy an evening of food (hold the bacon, please!), drinks, pig-ducation, and plenty of squeals and snorts to go around. You can sign up on Yelp, but obviously, requests will be overflowing. If the event does fill up, Yelp will be semi-randomly picking ticket winners. Active Yelp users will be preferred.

The whole point of the event is to educate folks about pig ownership: safety, size expectations, tips, and tricks. Come for an evening of temporary swine companionship, and stay for the joy of owning a real teacup or mini pig.

The Daily Meal feels obliged to explain that teacup pigs are controversial pets: the breed allegedly doesn’t actually exist, and most if not all teacup pigs grow to be much larger. The PetPiggies breeders claim that their pigs grow to be about 18 inches tall.

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