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New App Promises Coffee Shop Environment at Home

New App Promises Coffee Shop Environment at Home

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The popular work aid has reached international success and is creating a tailored smartphone app to reflect its diverse fan base

Coffitivity is releasing an app that can allow users to enjoy all of the sounds of their favorite coffee shop right on their smartphones.

For anyone who needs a little taste—or sound—of the coffee shop on the go, there’s now an app that can bring you all the noises of your local spot anywhere you are.

The folks at Coffitivity are releasing an app that can allow users to enjoy the clinks, sips, chatter, and buzzes right on their smartphones. The website, which uses the theory that 70 decibels of noise allows productivity in a way that extreme quiet (50 decibels or less) or loud levels (above 70 decibels) do not, allows users to play typical coffee shop noises along with their own music to get their work done.

The new app will also feature a live Twitter stream that will allow users to share what they’re working on while using the app and is tailored to whichever city the user is in. This may be due, in part, to the fact that the apps’ most popular cities, Seoul, Korea, New York, and London, are so uniquely different.

One of the ways users may be able to tailor the app to their city is by recording their own sounds in their language, said co-founder ACe Callwood to The Atlantic.

“We'll have some guidelines for recording sounds posted to the site, which will give our users an idea of how to record raw audio in their favorite shops,” he said. “If all goes as planned, they'll be able to submit audio clips for us to edit and add to the Coffitivity player."

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