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Domino's Keeping Gestation Crates, Texas Farm Bureau Approves

Domino's Keeping Gestation Crates, Texas Farm Bureau Approves

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And of course, there's a petition to get them to follow in the footsteps of Denny's

In the world of restaurant chains, it's been increasingly popular to eschew gestation crates à la Denny's and McDonald's. Recently, however, Domino's shareholders decided to keep pork from suppliers who use gestation crates.

Animal activists reacted accordingly: There's a petition calling Domino's out on their decision to keep the crates, known for overcrowding sows for reproduction. "Companies like Domino's should not tolerate this and consumers should not buy the product of such suffering," petitioners wrote.

On the other hand, the Texas Farm Bureau applauded Domino's decision.

"It’s about time one of the major fast-food franchises showed some backbone to the animal rights activist group," publications directory Mike Barnett wrote on the blog. "Other fast-food companies — including Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s — have caved to their demands, fearing [Humane Society of United States] will stir public outcry and reprisal if they don’t."

Denny's is the most recent chain to choose gestation crate-free pork products.

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